Snapshots from the Filming of the “Wind of Freedom“
in the regions of Messenia & Arcadia

A few words about the Film

The film, one of the deliverables of the “Kalamata 1821: Roads of Freedom” project, follows the activity of Ioannis Filon, a fictitious senior member of the ‘Filiki Eteria’ (Society of Friends), in the pre-revolution Peloponnese and specifically in the regions of Messenia and Mani. Through the story of Filon, who travels and roams around under the cloak of a merchant, and his activity as a ‘Filiki Eteria’ cadre, one develops his/her understanding regarding the early 19th century society’s economy, daily life, dominant ideas and trends, and ultimately the conflicts of the era; all products of a relevant thorough history research.

The script is based on historical facts, and is to a great extent inspired by the activity of Christophoros Perraivos, a prominent ‘Filiki Eteria’ member who travelled to the Peloponnese before the revolution with the aim of reconciling the powerful clans of Mani and thus sowing the seeds for the emancipation of the Greek nation.

Contributors of the Film ​

Production: Υiorgos Kyriakos, Kostas Lampropoulos.

Direction: Stelios Charalampopoulos.

Script: Antonis Tolakis.

Director of Photography: Dimitris Kordelas.

Setting: Michalis Sdougkos.

Costumes: Maria Kontodima.

Music: Platon Andritsakis.

Leading Actors: Timos Papadopoulos, Rinio Kyriazi, Υiannis Anastasakis, Lefteris Polychronis, Lefteris Tsatsis, Iosif Polizoides.

Historians Featured in the Film: Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, Olga Katsiardi-Hering