Digital Museum "Kalamata 1821"

The museum, which opened its gates for the public on October 30 and is hosted in a chamber of the Old City Hall, is again open for the public. To be precise, from July 5 people can visit it with free admission from Monday to Friday. between 09:00 and 14:00.

In the museum two touch screens give the tone. Visitors are encouraged to interact with them so as to heighten their understandings of Kalamata’s landmarks. Therefore, through a pleasant and creative process, they will get to know better the connection of those buildings with the era of Greek Palingenesis. Moreover, two screens reproduce material pertaining to Kalamata’s role in the outbreak and first steps of the revolution and how this contributed to the city’s unique heritage.

The museum’s walls are decorated with digital prints of paintings related with the liberation of the city on March 23, 1821. Finally, a number of authentic artefacts are on display.